Dental Benefits & A Healthy Smile at BIDH Dental Hospital

1. Free Oral Checkup & Consult

Get your complimentary annual dental checkup at BIDH Dental Hospital

  • unlimited number of times per year
  • applicable to all member card holders and their families
  • done by licensed dentist to answer any potential concerns and check on oral health


2. Swiss Dental Implants starting at 55,000 baht

If you have had missing gaps and would like to upgrade your restorative bridge, dentures to be dental implants, get a free consultation appointment with our prosthodontist to discuss on dental implants. Dental implants replace missing teeth permanently and can last to a life-time. It feels natural and is fixed. Dental implants functions like real natural teeth allowing you to chew, smile and bite with confidence.

LumaCare members get a discounted rate for Swiss-based SIC dental Implants when showing their member card

  • applies to all card member, simply show your card to get discounted rate
  • 55,000 baht/implant (normally 75,000 baht/implant) is made in 2 installments.
    • 1st stage implant post placement : 30,000 baht/tooth
    • 2nd stage implant crown over implant post : 25,000 baht/implant
  • Cost already includes surgery fees, local anesthesia, healing abutment but excludes medication and bone grafts (if required)


3. Anxious or afraid of the dentists?

BIDH dental hospital offers sleep dentistry and sedation. As one of Thailand's first specialized dental hospital, our top team of dental experts and nursing staff offers 3 levels of sedation (from mild to deep sedation) where patients opt to feel more relaxed or have no re-collection of dental treatments for

  • teeth extractions of hopeless teeth
  • dental implant surgery to replace missing teeth
  • maxillofacial jaw surgery

Get discount of 15% off at BIDH Dental Hospital for

  • In-patient room
  • Medications
  • Imaging

Check with on your LumaCare coverage today and present your LumaCare card on registration during your visit at BIDH Dental Hospital.

Other dental benefits and alliance locations enabling cashless service claim from LumaCare on routine dental treatment (checkup, basic treatments), restorative treatment (bridges, implants, prosthese dentures) and orthodontic braces are

  1. Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) in Bangkok - Ratchadapisek/ Siam paragon / Emquartier
  2. Chiangmai International Dental Center (CIDC) in Chiangmai - Ninman
  3. Phuket Dental Signature (PDS) in Phuket - Patong


Note: This is neither a recommendation nor an endorsement of the mentioned medical center, nor of the doctors or health professionals practising in this hospital.