Ditch the diets and heal your way to your happiest, healthiest, and most abundant life through Healing to Happy. 

Healing to Happy is an online lifestyle coaching program run by Bangkok’s Laura Martin- a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and gut specialist. 

If you’re suffering from digestive issues, hormone imbalances, skin flare ups, chronic fatigue, or maybe even depression or anxiety, it could be your gut talking to you. 

Over three or six months you will work together to make sustainable lifestyle shifts so you can live your happiest and healthiest life from the inside out and the bottom up. The health journey can be a little confusing at times and that's where the Healing to Happy Protocol comes in with its easy to follow steps to create lasting change. The one-on-one coaching helps you break through your roadblocks by creating a unique nutrition and lifestyle plan for you and your specific goals. 

Enjoy exclusive rates as a Luma member: 

Free 30 minute consultations

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The program includes:

  • Six or twelve 50 minute bi-weekly meetings that will include conversations relating to your health and any questions that you have. Think of it like the time one spends with their personal trainer, but we'll be creating a plan that takes into account your entire lifestyle. 
  • Nutritional advice and articles that are specifically tailored to you and your health journey 
  • Meal plans and easy to follow recipes that will help you make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need
  • Virtual support between meetings 
  • Accountability to help you make this a lifestyle shift, instead of those quick fix diet plans 
  • Assistance in your grocery store visits and guidance on reading food labels· 
  • Discounts to workshops and seminars that Laura Martin is a part of  
  • 100% dedication to your success and support along your journey!

For more information please visit: www.healingtohappy.com or email Laura at Healing2Happy@gmail.com 

Available until 15th February 2020.

Laura Martin- Healing to Happy